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Paolo Maddaleni
Born in Rome – Italy, 17/6/1974

e-mail: maddapiru@gmail.com


Concept Artist
(mainly enviroments and creatures design)
Set Designer
Graphic Illustrator
Graphic Designer

In 2005, he has been listed in the Official Register of Architects of Rome and regularly been authorized to work.
In 2005 he has achieved the Architecture Degree at the University “La Sapienza” of Rome .
He has achieved the High School Leaving Degree (diploma di maturit√†) in 1992 at the Art School “Alessandro Caravillani”, Rome.


perspective and graphic spatial representation, architectural shapes designing, either for cinematographic sets or theatres;
long term training in the use of any color technic (watercolor, inks-ecoline, gouache, tempera, acrylics and oil, as well as digital coloring and painting) and designing of visual concepts;
excellent knowledge of Adobe Photoshop either for professional photo editing or illustrations and digital paintings. Professional knowledge, extended to both MacOS e Windows operative systems, of the following graphic softwares: Adobe Illustrator, Corel Painter, Sketchup, TurboCAD.

Languages Skills:

Italian, mother tongue
English, written and spoken

Professional Experiences:

2009-2011  working as concept artist, game designer, textures artist  on the 
game produced by AIV: Evil Heroes (Xbox Live Arcade).

2009-2011  worked as cover colorist and colorist on the comic book Tric power Battle produced by Preziosi Collection, published and distributed by Preziosi Collection in Italy, and by Soleil Productions in France;

2009  worked as colorist on the forthcoming Disney illustration books Princess and the Frog.

2009-2008 working as concept artist, Game designer, characters designer on the browser game produced by Capital Online Entertainment: Wind Ship Trader. [http://www.windshiptrader.it/]

2009-2007 working as teacher at the post-graduates International Comics School courses in Rome (M.A. in digital coloring course)

2009-2006 worked as cover colorist on the following American comic series, published by IDW Publishing: Spike: Asylum, Spike: Shadow Puppets, Angel: After The Fall [http://www.idwpublishing.com/titles/spike.shtml];

2008 working as characters and creatures designer on the Piranhas Sauros movie project, directed by Ovidio G. Assonitis, visual effects by Spark Digital Entertainment [www.sparkde.com];

2008-2007 worked as colorist on the forthcoming Disney/Pixar illustration books Cars, Wall-E, Tinker Bell-Look&Find;

2008-2007 worked as backgrounds colorist on the pilot episode of the cartoon series Candy Circle, produced by Musicartoon S.r.l. Studio [http://www.musicartoon.it/candy-circle.html]; and on the pre-production of the animation movie Cuccioli (Puppies), co-produced by Musicartoon S.r.l. Studio [http://www.musicartoon.it/feauturefilms.html];

2007-2006 worked as digital colorist on the comic book LYS, produced by Red Whale [http://www.redwhale.it/], published by Rainbow-Tridimensional and distributed in France by Soleil Productions [http://www.soleilprod.com/serie|330|LYS];

2006 worked as backgrounds designer on the project of the animated series Dinosauri (Dinosaurs), produced by RAI Radio Televisione Italiana;

worked on the bidimensional and perspectival rendering of several architectural projects commissioned to Gianni Saulle’s Architect Studio, as the Complesso sportivo per disabili “TreFontane” [http://www.centroperlautonomia.it/notizie/dalle_istituzioni/trefontane_11ott07.htm];

worked on the graphic project of the book Buon Compleanno Winnie The Pooh (Happy Birthday Winnie the Pooh) [ISBN: 9788852204234], produced and distributed by Walt Disney Company Italia;

2006-2005 worked as cover colorist and colorist on the comic book Monster Allergy (issues n° 6-7, 9-28) produced by Red Whale, published and distributed by Buena Vista Comics [Walt Disney Company Italia] in Italy, and by Soleil Productions in France;

2004-2003 worked as colorist on several comic books published by Edizioni Teen Srl.

2003 worked as graphic designer on the chromatic restyling plan of Athens city, projected by Architect Petra Bernitsa on the occasion of the 2004 Olympic Games;

worked as set designer on the animated series Blanche, produced by the Studio Graphisme, in Rome [http://www.graphisme.it/index_flash.html];

2001-2002 worked as illustrator, colorist and product designer on the informative leaflet La trappola chimica (The Chemical Trap), commissioned by the Italian Ministry of Health and published in 2003

worked as digital colorist at Indy Press, in Treviso

2001 worked as colorist and illustrator on the graphic novel Arcana Mater (Ashcan), Edizioni lo Scarabeo, Torino

2000-2001 worked on the bidimensional and perspectival rendering of several architectural projects commissioned to the studio Fe-Arch, Rome;

2000 worked as cover illustrator and wrote a tutorial about the Painter software for the magazine «Computer Graphics & Publishing», issue 5, October 2000;

1999-2003 worked as designer, interior designer and decorator at the Arredo Stock Interior Design Studio, Rome;

1999 worked as graphic designer on the book Silly Symphonies: Settanta anni di Fiabe Animate (70 years of Animated Fairy Tales), published and edited by Comic Art Publishing, Roma;

1998 worked on the comics and illustrations book Disegnik. Il primo fumetto di eco-design e architettura biodegradabile, by C. Polidori, G. Jacobucci, P. Maddaleni, published by Biblioteca del Cenide, in collaboration with the Institute of engineering and architecture of University Milan (Politecnico), and the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Reggio Calabria;

worked as interior designer at the Arch. Ernesto Grilli’s Studio, Rome;

worked as illustrator on the digital edition of I Tarocchi (Tarots), produced, published and distributed by Giunti Multimedia,

1997-2000 worked as designer and decorator in several McDonald’s branches in Rome, Ostia and Civitavecchia, projects commissioned altogether to the Arch. Gianni Saulle’s Studio, Rome, by McDonald’s Development Italy, Milan;

1996-2003 worked as freelancer graphic designer, architectural consultant, interior renovating designer;

1995-2000 long term training as set designer, character designer, concept artist at Animation Studio Kaleidos, Roma, working on the animated series La settima eclisse and Ombre dal futuro

1992-1997 worked as illustrator for the Italian magazine «Ferro e fuoco»;

worked as cover illustrator on the Italian editions of the role playing books Talislanta and ConspiracyX, published and distributed by Editrice 3D6, Rome;

Further Professional and Notable Experiences and Training:

worked as assistant to Full Time Professor Arch. Giannandrea Iacobucci, Faculty of Architecture , University “La Sapienza”, Rome, Course of Architectural Design;

2002-2003 attained a ten months University grant to study at the “Budapest University of Technology and Economics”, Hungary, provided by the Erasmus Scholarship - International University Exchanges Project;

2001-2002 in order to fulfil my duties as conscientious objector, I worked as civile servian with the Arch. Germana Aprato, Director of the Castel S. Angelo Museum, Rome.